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“We the People, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice…” These opening words from the preamble of the United States Constitution serve to prioritize Justice as the cornerstone of our American republic. Justice is the bedrock of our American freedom, and yet our faith in justice is failing.

A two-tiered justice system for the haves and have-nots is eroding confidence in “justice for all,” and we must fight to restore faith in our justice system through meaningful reform and transparency.

As the former attorney general of Indiana with over 30 years of legal experience, Curtis knows the importance of upholding law and order. As the elected prosecutor in one of Indiana’s largest counties, Curtis administered justice that was fair and strong, holding criminals accountable. As attorney general, Curtis relied on his experience fighting crime and corruption and stood up to a governor who shut down businesses and churches and allowed thugs to terrorize Indianapolis. Curtis stood up to Big Tech monopolies and identity thieves and will continue to fight and protect the privacy of Hoosiers.

For too long, liberals in Indianapolis have manipulated justice to push their political agenda at the expense of Hoosiers across the state. Curtis has experienced the weaponization of justice and knows it all too well. As attorney general, Curtis brought executive experience to every decision he made in defense of freedom for every Hoosier. As Governor, he will do the same.

Curtis’ plan will protect Hoosier children and families, support and fully fund law enforcement, combat border insecurity, and stamp out the rampant fentanyl crisis that is flooding our communities and destroying Hoosier lives.

Supporting Law Enforcement

As attorney general and Elkhart County prosecutor, Curtis built a reputation as a staunch ally and defender of aggressive law enforcement throughout Indiana. Curtis knows that the vast majority of crime is committed by a relatively small number of criminals. Deal with those criminals decisively, and crime will go down while public safety goes up. Curtis will personally advocate for law enforcement and fight to provide funding, training, resources, and protection to police officers across Indiana. During the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, Curtis stood firm in support of law enforcement and used his role as attorney general to provide resources and support to law enforcement agencies across Indiana. As Governor, Curtis will authorize law enforcement to roactively target criminal organizations. As Governor, Curtis will continue his crackdown on violent criminals and chronic offenders and make Indiana the worst place in America to be a criminal and the safest place in America to live, work, and raise a family. Curtis will host law enforcement training, increase tactical and special unit funding, and provide law enforcement with every necessary tool and resource to keep Indiana’s streets safe. Curtis will build collaboration between municipal, county, and state police departments to ensure that Hoosiers are protected from violent criminals from Evansville to South Bend and everywhere in between.

Combating Illegal Immigration

Curtis will not hesitate to deploy the Indiana National Guard to defend our border states against illegal invasion. Curtis will require Indiana employers to verify that employees are legally qualified to work in Indiana to ensure that hardworking Hoosiers can compete for good-paying jobs. He will crack down on employment cheaters who transport and hire illegal immigrants under the table and prosecute them for human trafficking. As Governor, Curtis will continue to block illegal immigrants from receiving financial assistance and state welfare benefits at the cost of hard working Hoosiers. Our tax dollars should not be misallocated to illegal immigrants. This comprehensive immigration plan will prohibit illegal immigrants from being prioritized over Hoosier families. We must stop the flood of illegal immigrants from overburdening our neighborhoods, our economy, and our freedom.

Putting an End to Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the largest and fastest-growing criminal enterprises impacting women and children across the country. As Attorney General, Curtis Hill was a national leader standing up against human sex and labor traffickers. In 2018, Curtis joined the Trump Department of Justice to advocate for additional resources to attack and prevent the growth of human trafficking. As Governor, Curtis will double down and hire additional investigators, fund new resources for law enforcement agencies, and implement a statewide initiative to shut down the traffic in sex and labor. Women and children should not have to fear sexual exploitation, and those who test us will pay a heavy price. As Governor, Curtis will ensure that Indiana is off limits to these violent predators.

Protecting Hoosier Children

Hoosier children should not be able to access pornographic material in the classroom or on the internet. As Governor, Curtis will encourage legislation that will block the accessibility of explicit materials for children. As Attorney General and a prosecutor with more than 30 years of experience, Curtis has been an advocate for children and families. As Governor, he will take his expertise and ensure that Hoosier children are safe from predators, traffickers, and other violent criminals.

Fighting Fentanyl

Fentanyl is America’s silent killer, and Curtis Hill will do everything in his power to get it off our streets. As Governor, Curtis will increase tough drug enforcement for fentanyl traffickers, increase penalties for dealers, and defund ineffective programs such as needle exchange which actually encourages illicit drug use. He will create multi-jurisdictional drug enforcement teams that will work major interstate highways to stop the flow of illegal drugs. As Governor, Curtis will develop an aggressive statewide criminal forfeiture program that targets major drug cartels. As Attorney General, Curtis fought hard to keep drugs off our streets, as Governor, he will pick up where he left off.


To download and read the entire plan, click here or the icon below. 

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