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HILL: The Cause Of Destroying Hamas Should Unite All Americans

The brutal invasion of Israel by Hamas terrorists has shaken up the world and led to one clear-eyed conclusion: Hamas must be destroyed.

Israel will take the fight to Hamas, and the United States must join in Israel’s defense of freedom.

A lack of global leadership from the U.S. is partially to blame for the attack. Joe Biden’s inability to exude strength and power has put our allies abroad in jeopardy of attack.

From the very beginning of his presidency, Biden has failed on the international stage. From the horrendous withdrawal from Afghanistan to the unfreezing of $6 billion in Iranian assets on 9/11, Joe Biden and his national security advisors have failed the world.

The brutal rape, torture and murder of women and children by Hamas terrorists is abhorrent, and the response should be overwhelming and complete.

However, what we are seeing in the United States and Western countries around the world is rather disturbing.

Self-proclaimed social justice groups are taking to the streets of New York, Chicago and even Indianapolis to stand in solidarity with these bloodthirsty terrorists. Black Lives Matter has added antisemitism to its brand by failing to denounce the slaughter.

Even prominent institutions of higher education are standing in solidarity with Hamas instead of with Israeli victims. These institutions are responsible for educating future world leaders but instead are elevating the voices of antisemitism and hate on their campuses.

Instead of standing up for innocent women and children, they are standing up for cowards whose only route to victory is the brutal murder and victimization of those who could not fight back.

We should not be shocked by the actions of these supposed social justice groups. The Black Lives Matter organization cares for the victims of this conflict about as much as they care for black lives in the United States.

Ironically, many of the people participating in these pro-Hamas rallies would be the first victims of Hamas violence.

Make no mistake: Hamas has no tolerance for minorities, members of the LGBT community, or women. These protestors would be immediate targets.

When I was attorney general, I stood firm in my opposition to BLM and their violent protests across the country. Now, they’re taking to the streets again and putting the safety and the security of Jewish people from Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between at risk.

My father was a civil rights leader and NAACP President. During the civil rights era, Jewish activists stood arm in arm with black protestors fighting for civil rights in the United States. It is time black Americans stand beside them and their right to life and freedom.

Israel is not at war with the Palestinian people. They are at war with the brutal terrorist regime Hamas whose only goal is to kill Jews. All of them. The Palestinians need to abandon their connection with Hamas.

Babies decapitated in front of their parents. Women raped in front of their husbands. Mothers murdered in front of their children. These atrocities are indefensible, and yet that is precisely what groups like BLM are defending in our streets.

My prayers are for Israel. My heart breaks for the tragic loss of innocent lives and the necessary retribution to come. But make no mistake: Hamas must be destroyed now.

It is time for America and our allies overseas to stand in unquestionable solidarity with the Israeli people. Leaders from both sides of the aisle must condemn these pro-Hamas rallies with the same vigor and passion they had when they condemned Hamas and their invasion.

In the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, Americans came together. Countries around the world stood in solidarity with the United States and the victims of the world’s worst terrorist attack. The same must be done for Israel.

For peace to exist in this region, swift and forceful action must be taken against Hamas terrorists. It is time we put our differences aside and support Israel and its sovereign right to freedom.

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