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Curtis Hill: Restoring Constitutional Government To Indiana

Curtis Hill is running on the Republican ticket for governor of Indiana. “It’s a grassroots campaign,” he tells The New American, and rightly so. He stands for everything that the Deep State is working against.

Hill is pro-life, pro-local police, and pro-second amendment. He fights against the so-called “woke” cancel culture and radical gender theory. He writes for The Federalist and Fox News. As former Indiana Attorney General, he defended churches and businesses from restrictive government shutdowns during the plandemic. A lifelong Hoosier, he and his wife raise their five children in Elkhart.

He has also been rallying fellow Hoosiers against the U.N.’s Agenda 2030 tactics in their state: carbon capture pipelines and injection wells, along with a 15-minute city called “The Leap Project,” on which Deep State investors have already broken ground.

He recently spoke with The New American about these issues and his 6-point economic plan, which includes a lot of tax cuts and reductions in government spending.

The Curtis Hill campaign is located online here.

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