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Curtis Hill: Gov't-Imposed Sanctions on Liberties Only Do Harm

(Editor’s Note: The following column is not an endorsement for any political party or candidate by Newsmax, and has been authored by a non-clinician.)


Who would have thought we would again be talking about masks just a couple of months before millions of Americans head to the polls and vote in primaries nationwide?

In 2020, Republican and Democratic governors alike mandated mask-wearing in schools, churches, businesses, and universities.

They then shut down these same businesses, churches, and schools, bringing our-then thriving economy to a halt.

Few people stood up to this blatant executive overreach and in defense of personal freedom and individual liberty.

As attorney general of Indiana, this writer did.

As potentially the next governor of The Hoosier State, I'm prepared to do so again.

Nationally, universities and businesses are beginning to require students and patrons to wear masks. The Biden administration is even updating its COVID-19 guidelines.

Here’s the thing: masks don’t work.

They didn’t the first time.

They won’t now.

Even more compelling, the government should not be violating the individual liberty of American citizens.

I dared to stand up to leaders in my own party and push back against their executive overreach.

In Indiana, our Republican governor attempted to mandate masks and shut down businesses, schools, and churches.

Hoosiers were upset, and they looked to me to defend their freedoms.

Americans want to move on from COVID-19 hysteria. And in doing so, they very much want the government to get out of their way.

In Indiana, the governor can only enforce mandates with legislative approval.

What a concept!

If only our Founders had considered the separation of powers when designing our republic.

As attorney general, I ensured that our government did not impose restrictions on the rights of our citizens.

I stood up to my own party, getting them to back down.

Leaders nationally and in Washington, D.C. need to be held accountable and answer the questions on the minds of millions of Americans.

If masks do not protect our health, why does the government want to require them?

The answer is quite simple, yet I don’t think they’ll give it: it's about control, and in this, both Democrats and Republicans are guilty.

We learned a lot in the pandemic's aftermath.

The main lesson is that government-imposed sanctions on personal liberties do more harm than good, and public health emergencies are no excuse for government overreach.

With so many Republicans arguing and offering their perspectives on these issues, it is vital to understand which ones actually stand up for our conservative values.

A Republican who restricts individual liberty by imposing mask mandates on citizens is not a Republican. These campaign conservatives who run as champions for conservatism but govern as progressives often do more harm than their Democrat counterparts.

The coming weeks will be very telling as to how next year’s elections will go. Republicans will either stand up for personal liberty or succumb to the temptations of power.

Democrats have their marching orders: do whatever it takes to win, even if it means locking their states down. Republicans, on the other hand, are hiding behind their party identity and hoping voters don’t poke around and ask questions.

Voters must be careful and do their due diligence in the upcoming elections. Do not simply support those who say what you want to hear. Do your research and look at how they governed, legislated, and stood up for our values.

Too much is at stake to take what politicians are saying at face value.

Curtis Hill is the former attorney general of Indiana and is a Republican candidate for Governor of the state.

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